Tyler Perkins, President Goodway Marketing Co.

Me, Tyler Perkins, Working out of my home in Las Vegas. I am President of Goodway SEO, an Internet Marketing Company serving all industries with a specialty in the medical field.

What a misleading opening title. It is what many in my industry would call my first mistake, but in reality, it is far from my first mistake.

If someone typed into google “how to begin my life” and this blog post somehow showed up, they would be upset. Wait this guy is telling us how to, he is telling us he does not know how to. Well if google is doing its job right, I don’t think this one will follow its title and show first, google will certainly see through the “how to” title and determine this is more a “seven reasons not to leave your comfortable life to chase your dream” kind of posting.

I am an internet marketing guy. I would have said an online marketing guy as of two months ago but some smarter than I guy, corrected me when I told him what I did and I felt his answer was better and gave me more credibility. Gawd, if that sentence doesn’t tell you why I am here, I am not sure what can…

I sit here this morning at 4AM pacific time, scare, nervous and unsure of what my future lies. I am recently separated, actually divorced pretty much(waiting on the final papers and court acceptance of such papers), I have just quit my steady work contract, and am going out on a limb to restart this goodway project I began 6 years ago, a complete reboot if you will. Control+Alt+Delete to my life, doesn’t that fix everything? I have eliminated all comfort from my life to force my hand. To force me to work my ass off to succeed. It is about time.

The Idoled Business Owner

Years ago working for the yellow pages, pretty fresh out of college, I sat and dealt with business owners and tried to convince them of the power of the yellow pages and in doing that I discovered one major item. I discovered that all business owners had one thing in common, the ability to work hard. That is all. Not the smartest crew in the bunch but a yearning to succeed so great that they would find a way. They knew there was money in it and they knew in order to get their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, they had to work hard for it. So they did just that and I saw it. This passion to succeed or try their hardest until they either succeeded or failed.

I knew at that time, that is all I wanted. I wanted to be my own boss and I wanted to be a success. I wanted people to look at me and say wow, that guy owns his own show, he is his own boss. For some reason to me that was top echelon it was everything that made a person. Growing up that was always the money guy, in my small town, the guy that owned his own business had a special in my heart, I would hear my mom talk about business owners and say how rich they were, how they really made it and I could see the way other people looked to them, they had this different type of respect for them. I personally as a kid idolized them, thought them to be as amazing as any other human. I have no idea why, but I did.

Really looking back I am sure I thought that for the wrong reason, I am sure that in the end, they were just like everyone else maybe liked more not because they were business owner but because they were well liked and well respected in the community. I mean really people can be business owners and successful ones because they have that special:

Je ne sais quoi

(and don’t think for a minute I didn’t have to google that one.)

Or really looking at who they were, I think their dad started a nice small business, worked hard and handed off the beginnings of a strong business to them and they took the reigns and made it into something even better. Either way, kudos to them and I wanted to be them.

The Great Start

So I ran at my first chance to be them. I did it for all the wrong reasons and I did it all wrong. It was a random call from my then brother in law saying he didn’t know what he was going to do as his partner dumped him in this little tree service they had began together. My eyes, my mind and everything in me lit up and began working on overdrive. I told him I would come home and we would dominate in our awesome new tree service. Wow, talk about having no clue about anything. You see I had touched on the tree service industry for a summer with him at the company he worked for, I was a grounds man, I climbed a little bit not based on skill but shear no fear and volunteer to jump into a tree. But that was it, otherwise, I didn’t know a thing about the industry. I remember the owner of that tree service I worked for and I remember thinking wow he is rich, he has it all and he is the man, everyone respected him or maybe hated him, I am not sure now….

So there is where it began, that is where my journey started, I raced back to Chicago from Las Vegas to start my own thing. Completely clueless as to what it would take in order to do anything. I didn’t know the industry, I had no education in it, I didn’t have any sales contacts, no work sold, I literally was walking into business ownership blind. But I was, for the first time in my life going to own my own thing. I was going to be a business owner and that is all I ever wanted, so congrats I had it. Work hard and what could go wrong. Well That is what has brought me here. Stay tuned to see how this turns out.