There was always this hook up for me, a fear if you will. I never learned everything I wanted, the right way so in the end I will blow it up, unsatisfied with the results. I have been in internet marketing for over five years and have brought a lot of success to people but it never felt right. It was always a fight against google, to work their system. Some call it black hat but I never felt black hattish, I always just studied the system and went with it. Well it wasn’t until one day I watched a client, that I had personally built from 8k in sales to about 40 to 45k a month in sales, completely fall off the google landscape. That hurt.

It hurt because my clients are not just people I take a check from, they are my friends. I typically only bring on people I like, that I could have a beer with or a good conversation with and then do good for them. That is the type of person I am, a good person that simply wants to make money for someone else. I just have to know how to do it. Well when they fell off the map and there was a coinciding issue with there newly built e-commerce site, which I was doing, they fired me. I don’t blame them in anyway. I would have fired me too. I deserved it. So from that experience of complete personal and professional misery, I set out to figure this game out a bit better. To find a way to put out a better product. Enter Hubspot.