When I decided that hubspot was going to be added to my arsenal of awesome products I can offer to my clients, I didnt realize the task. I am so glad it has been what it is to Goodway though, it has really opened up my eyes to the system and the importance of staying on top of your game. Currently we are offering this product to our dental clients. You wont see much about them unless you connect my two companies but dental is a large part of what we do. In trying to get our name out there we have created our first offer. Which is an ebook on building a great dental website. Really it can be used to implement proper change to any website but like anything out there, we have group we are targeting and we want to focus. So we slapped our other companies logo on it, which is dental, then we changed customers to patients and threw in some other fun dental names, “your practice” “your dental office” etc. etc. Now we are blogging all about it. Its a plan, we create then execute. What is your plan? Do you have a solid online marketing plan. Well you should. Start somewhere and as hubspot says, start with your ideal patient, customer, client, etc. The one you can benefit from the most, er um, make the most money from, sorry be profitable with. Everyone is thinking right now, they know what that person looks like, now just describe him and find out where they lurk, where they play, work, search, etc. Personas can be another blog all together, if not book.

Picture of many dental models to show patients as an example of what will be done to them

Having the right tools to present treatment for a treatment coordinator is as important for a dental practice to have the right type of website.

Blog About It

So I have an ebook about dental websites, I have created a list of keywords I am targeting, now I need to take those keywords and blog all around them. I am a talk this through with the people person, so lets see what I can come up with:

Dental Website Keywords:

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Blog post Ideas:

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Perfect start to our blogging series for dental websites. So now I can do some research and put some words to these blogs, wish me luck and I will begin to hyperlink as I finish these off.