I remember the day when I decided this was just simply not going to work. The business model I had followed was no longer cutting it. We had some great years and tremendous success for my clients but now as times changed and google insisted upon a different way of presenting who we were, it was time. Becoming more of a part of the conversation instead of trying to break into that same conversation was paramount. Learning how to do that was the only way my company would succeed and continue to grow. It was my ah-ha moment. Eventually I found a great company to work with in order to learn the best way to do this and now with everything implemented and still more learning as we go to be done, the road upwards never look so good. I approached it as a one foot in front of the other approach and remained steadfast in my goal with one thing in mind. Well three, actually. They were my reason for doing what I do. Three beautiful little girls that are my everyday inspiration.

Pictures of the three little perkins girls

Sometimes 3 little girls is all you need to get moving.

When it comes to passion, people always ask first thing, well what are you passionate about. I wonder if it is a question they ask themselves? Surprisingly, I never really know how to answer it. Sometimes when I do answer it, they tell me that is just plain wrong. Well Why? I only know one true passion that I can pinpoint and just because it is not business related it can be wrong?

I mena really, I have many passions, I feel overall I am simply a passionate person in everything I do. But when it comes to true rip my heart out passion, I love those three right there. I know I am passionate about them. But that is where I am told I am wrong, that I need a passion away from them. Well what if from them, from the passion I carry towards them, fuels other passions, including my work. Use to be I felt a comfort towards my work but now rather than a false comfort that lies into or with some one else I have began this fueled passion that sits only on me. This passion comes from the satisfaction of being the one who impresses others. Does that sound funny? Let me explain.

I am a showboat, love to be, also love to make others happy. Showboat who is funny and makes others laugh…. perfect. Well I also like to know my craft, my industry, being a bit of a showboat towards how well I can drive in customers, great, but making my clients happy doing it…. perfect. And that is all I want. I want to be one of the best at what I do and I want to drive your best customer, ready to buy, to your door.

All of this will be done because I am inspired, passionate and driven by those three littles. Watch a quick clip: