The Local Strategy


If your revenues depend on local business, being ranked at the top of local search is a must. We dedicate a tremendous percentage of our resources into strategies that help our clients dominate local search – and we make it easy.

The process is as simple as providing us with your location data. We’ll push your listings to all of the major data aggregators. In doing so, the search engines can find your location information consistently and correct throughout the web and that alone has proven to significantly increase local visibility and local search rankings.

Managing 100’s of locations? Maybe 1000’s? Not a problem. Our strategy makes it simple to manage hundreds, or thousands, of locations with ease. The best part is that our strategy is end-to-end. We execute, manage, track and report everything for you. All we need from you are the locations.

How it is done
How do we do it? What’s the link strategy?

Part of our success in building and growing our clients’ brands is in the options we can offer them when it comes to SEO. No two clients are alike so one-size SEO definitely does not fit all. Considerations include budget, target audiences, product sensitivities, seasonality issues and a host of other concerns that are particular to their business enterprise.

Armed with this knowledge and given our experience, we offer emerging as well as established brands a sustainable SEO solution focused on the following strategies:

Securing natural high-quality backlinks through our proprietary networks

Pitching stories and securing natural high-quality backlinks through high value publications and media ranging from Technorati to to Mashable

Distributing high value informative press releases and link bait through high quality distribution channels